Our elected city councilmembers are trustees and stewards of public resources held in common by members of our incorporated community — our tax dollars, public works and public lands, utilities, and other services. You delegate to us the authority to manage and leverage our community resources on your behalf and to responsibly solve problems that are beyond the scope of individuals to handle.

Our city council sets policies and makes decisions that have long-lasting, even permanent impacts in the case of the built environment. Our council also from time to time will confront extraordinary events and emergencies. I believe we have to start with a simple question: How will the community benefit from our decisions? How will our decisions advance the public interest? Because government is not a business. It’s concern is the public not private interest, beneficial outcomes for the greatest number of people, not individual profit.  Serving the public interest involves acting transparently and accountably and operating in an environment with conflicting values and priorities. Achieving goals requires collaboration and compromise. The process can be messy and take time.

So how do you choose among council candidates seeking your vote? How would you choose someone to manage your estate, to make health care decisions for yourself or a family member, to be a guardian for your child? Don’t you want your elected officials and others you place in positions of trust to be competent, dependable, and honest? To listen and to hear you and treat you as a partner? To think critically, ask questions, and publicly articulate their decision-making process? To help the best ideas rise to the top no matter the source and share the credit? To deliver outcomes?

All of the above!

Best, Debbie